It’s Dark Outside – The Puppet Head

Hey there blog readers of my blog.

So my next update about the show is still about the puppet we have been working on. Tim has been in charge of the head and i am his helpful assistant. We have learnt heaps about new materials that we have never worked with before such as silicone and poly-something (plastic)… okay so maybe Tim learnt about them more than me… but i learnt a bit.

Anyway, after many many experiments we are using a head made of latex and filled with foam latex. I will talk you through how we made it and not focus too much on the rejected prototypes.

okay, so it’s upside down but you get the picture, just turn your computer’s upside down! Step one: Make an amazing head out of clay and put a protective wall around it so that when you do the next step you don’t get plaster everywhere. Also vaseline it up so it doesn’t stick.

Yay, more strange camera angles. Step two: plaster it up (in your rat infested shed if possible, Tim calls the rat ‘Remy’)

oh my gosh, its the right way! So this is the latex head final (i missed the step where you pour the latex into the plaster mould but that is what you do) and the latex painted (with latex and acrylic paint mixed together). Looks pretty snazzy!

Just when you thought i had figured out angles, i get ya. So this is the fancy head mech Tim made out of pvc piping and inside the head there is a little bit of a tent pole so that the head can swivel up and down. It’s pretty awesome, because it works.

Here is some practicing with the puppet and below is a closer picture of the puppet with the new hands that Tim made out of foam and latex. Also take note of the cute little volley shoes… they might change.
















Next blog i will tell you about the development we are doing this week on the show. It’s pretty exciting!!

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