It’s Dark Outside – May Development – Week One

Hey Blogettes,

So thought i would do an update!

Firstly I just uploaded some of my brand spanking new headshots, taken by Deanna Whyte, they are in the ‘gallery‘ section if you want to have a look, if not, let’s proceed to IT’S DARK OUTSIDE!

So this first week of development we were situated all the way out in Midland, at the Midland Junction Arts Centre. We wanted to focus on a couple of things this week. Firstly we wanted to work and expand on the mysterious man, as last development we focused on the old man. So see below pictures for a few insights.

concept sketch by the talented Tim Watts.

We came up with some pretty fun scenes with the mysterious man and we have now made discoveries about his identity… and of course the net is a new and exciting addition.

This week, we have also been playing around with ‘memory’ scenes and working with the possibilities of the stuffing. Below you will see snowy, Chris made him.

We also invented the below… it’s ‘light face tent man’…somehow, i don’t think it is going to make it into the show.

We have also found our ending and solidified our beginning, so we have the bookends of the show in place, which is super dooper exciting!

Coming up next on the blog… May Development – the second week… ooohhh what’s going to happen??