It’s Dark Outside – May Development – Week Two

Oooohhh it’s finally here, the suspense is finally over, i’m going to blog about… WEEK TWO of It’s Dark Outside (buy tickets here).

Alright, enough dramatics. Week Two was a very significant week in the development process as it marked the change from generating content for the show to starting to build the structure/putting the show in order. We came to the realisation that we had enough content, that we had a lot of scenes and that now we needed to string them together and make the show.

First step, we made ‘scene cards’ (see below- it’s upside down and i don’t know how to fix that) so that we could put them in order and then move them around a whole lot as we changed our mind (this happens a lot), although to be fair the beginning and end stay pretty much where they are, it’s just the middle that keeps getting rearranged.

We then started working through some of the scenes and adding more detail, fleshing out some of the least fleshy parts. p.s. Don’t be alarmed, i’m not wearing the mask in this rehearsal but i will be in the show.

Next up in the week we had the special Perth Theatre Company members event. This meant we got the luxury of spending the whole day in the studio underground, which means we got to test out a whole lot of our ideas for set and lighting and see how they looked in the space… It also meant a whole lot of ‘dammit, that didn’t work as well as it did in my head’. Papa Watts came in to help assemble prototype 1 of the screen that he had built for us, which was great to be able to try. We also showed a couple of scenes to the group of members and had a big ole chat afterwards (mainly about the show), and it was great to hear the feedback from them.

Lastly, we had decided that we wanted to do a rough draft showing (for a select few) of the whole show, in all its messy, unpolished glory. So that we could get a sense of the arc of the narrative and how it all fits together. On the next Monday (28th May) we trundled into the State Theatre Centre rehearsal room 2 with all our stuff (which is a lot at this point) to have a day of preparation and then a showing. (The picture below is actually from the members event showing, we didn’t get any pictures of our private full-length showing… because we were all doing the showing and not available to take pics)

It’s always a bit scary doing these showings. Putting your work out on the line when its unfinished and messy and transitions are clunky and performance is not at top quality, but it is always useful from a creator point of view. You find out what is translating and what isn’t, where the holes are in a piece, what your audience want from the piece, and where the show is not quite delivering. But then you also find out that parts of the show do work, or that parts of the story/images still move people, even without the gloss, which is very reassuring.

Anyway next up i will tell you guys what we have been up to in-between our last development and when we start our rehearsals next week. (Tim and Chris went to Japan with Alvin Sputnik, but we have been doing other stuff too!)

p.s. We have a new mask, created by Tim Watts, see image above. It hasn’t been painted yet so it looks a bit scary, but we will keep you in the loop as it gets worked on.