It’s Dark Outside – Update

Hey bloggers,

I have been absent from my updating due to being distracted first by the crunch time of It’s  Dark Outside and then by having a great old time doing a script development on a script by Bill McClusky called ‘Boomtown’ and finally by being away in Europe on an Alvin Sputnik tour (more to come about that!).

So I just wanted to let you all know how it went!

When i dropped off the radar for It’s Dark Outside it was the lead up to tech week and the show. We were working pretty hard. Tim was animating 24/7 because we didn’t want to animate things before we locked them in and we didn’t lock them in until the last minute. Rachael Dease was scoring the entire show, whilst dealing with us constantly moving scenes around and adding bits in… she is a legend. The theme song she wrote for us is incredible


Anthony Watts: Gadget extraordinaire was trying to get the lights right. You see, we wanted the show to be self sufficient in everything including lights. So we used the same LEDs that we used for Alvin Sputnik (available at your local JAYCAR) and then Tim and Anthony developed a new system of operating the lights through MIDI so that we could operate the whole show; animation, sound and lights all through ‘QLab‘. I’m not the most technologically savvy person in the group so if you want to find out more about the technology email:

Meanwhile, Chris, Tim and I were trying to sew the show together, piece all the bits and pieces into a coherent storyline that made sense and was physically possible (i.e. time for me to get into the mask or for Chris to get into the Tent etc.) It was tough, it was stressful. We were trying to focus on a million elements at once and self-direct at the same time.

We had lovely people come in and give us help and feedback. Michael Barlow from Spare Parts Puppet Theatre was a life-saver. He came in and gave us reassurance about the puppet we made and the puppet scenes we had done. He also gave us invaluable dramaturgical advice. Mel Cantwell from PTCo was our outside eye for tech week, which was incredibly helpful, especially for performative elements (which often get overlooked in crunch time of a devised piece). Michelle Robin Anderson, Jeffrey Jay Fowler and Natalie Holmwood gave us tough feedback one week out, which lead to small but dramatic changes to structure, so the story made sense. And of course Julie and Tony Watts (Tim’s parents) who throughout the whole process given us amazing feedback, advice and support.

When the day of the first preview rolled around, we hadn’t done a run of the show without stopping. We did one that afternoon and by showtime, we were shitting our pants (sorry but there is no other way to describe it). Are the audience going to know what’s happening? Is everything going to work? Is it even good?

They did. It was. They liked it. We breathed again.

Check out pictures, the promo video and the reviews HERE

Back soon with an update on The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer   Europe Tour (we are currently in Denmark!)