Alvin Sputnik does Denmark

Alvin hit venues all around Denmark for about a month. We drove up and down the country visiting big cities and small, crossing many bridges and passing by a variety of wind turbines.

We also went on a ferry and spent one of our days off at LEGOLAND.

We visited Aarhus, Odense, Ballerup, Nykobing Mors, Randers, Holbaek, Vaerlose, Valby, Rudkobing, Svendborg and Thisted.

We were treated very nicely at most of the venues and given coffee (lots of delicious coffee). Some places we got magnificent platters of fruit and cheese or danishes. Lovely. Here is an example from Randers.

It’s always interesting seeing how audiences respond when you are touring to a different country, especially one with a language other than English. It was requested that we do the show in English and not translate it, and even though everyone in Denmark speaks VERY good English, there were parts of the show (word play, metaphor) that did not get the same reaction and were, I assume, lost in translation. Danish audiences were also very quiet audiences. They enjoyed the show and would be very excited after the show, but during, they were very quiet.

At the end of the first couple of shows in Aarhus, the audience began to clap in unison. The first time it happened we thought ‘nah maybe it just sounded like they were in unison’, but then it kept happening. Here is a little bit of context. A friend of ours once told us that when an audience in Russia do NOT like a show they start clapping in unison at the end of the show. So naturally we are thinking ‘uh oh, the audience HATE Alvin Sputnik’. After the second show we asked our Danish usher about the unison clapping and we found out that actually in Denmark, clapping in unison is like an audience shouting ENCORE. Phew, THEY LIKE US!

Also some lovely people from the Australian Consulate in Copenhagen came to the show in Valby. Here is a picture.

We met some great people while we were in Denmark. Here are some notable ones.

Gry and Peter: we met Gry at the artist commune (Godsbanen) we were staying at in Aarhus. She is an actress from Copenhagen and was rehearsing a show about a Danish electronic music composer. Peter was her boyfriend who is an animator studying in Copenhagen. Here is a picture of Gry in the communal kitchen at ‘Godsbanen’.

Laura: Laura is an incredibly talented and lovely composer from London who we also met at the artist commune in Aarhus. The kitchen there became a very festive place. Here is a video of Laura improvising with Alvin.

Jette: Jette ran the lovely place we stayed at in Valby, she gave us bikes to use and we spent a lovely evening with her talking about life while eating cheese, grapes, strawberries and drinking wine and coffee. Here is the view from the window.

Here are some bonus pics from Denmark from some of the places we went to.