2015 update

Hey millions of website viewers…

I have been VERY slack on my website and i apologise. I think it is partly because my company THE LAST GREAT HUNT now have a fancy schmancy website that all my shows are on, so i don’t need to list them myself! THE LAST GREAT HUNT – contributing to Arielle’s website laziness… Did I mention THE LAST GREAT HUNT? Go on, click it, it’s got a link and everything.

Alright, now here is a very broad update on what i have been up to this year.

We re-developed and toured FALLING THROUGH CLOUDS to the Sydney Festival (i co-created and perform in that one). It went very well, we got some good reviews and lovely audiences, but we still want to give the show a few nips and tucks so we will be tinkering at that a little bit.

At FringeWorld i co-devised (with Gita Bezard and Adriane Daff) and performed in YOSHI’s CASTLE with an amazing soundtrack by Alwyn Nixon-Lloyd and cool stop motion animation that Adriane and I did. We ended up being nominated for both ‘Best Theatre’ and ‘Martin Sims Award for ‘Best New WA Production’ at the FringeWorld awards but alas did not win either.

Also at FringeWorld i assisted in story creation and performed a couple of times in the caravan for MONROE AND ASSOCIATES by Tim Watts. The show was a sell-out and won the ‘Martin Sims Award for ‘Best New WA Production’ at the FringeWorld awards.

At Perth International Arts Festival I was the cover puppeteer for Anthony Minghella’s MADAMA BUTTERFLY (English National Opera, Metropolitan Opera, Lithuanian National Opera in assoc with WA Opera). It was a beautiful show and i had the honour of learning the feet of Sorrow (Madama Butterfly’s son).

In March Perth Theatre Company toured IT’S DARK OUTSIDE to the Kaohsiung Spring Arts Festival in Taiwan. We got a great response from the audiences that came along.

In April/May I performed in the new play OLD LOVE by Chris Isaacs, directed by Jeffrey Jay Fowler. The show was on at The Blue Room Theatre and performed to sold out audiences. Here is a brag… “Gray and Bartlett both deliver electric performances.”  – The West Australian

Tim Watts and I started developing a new show called NEW OWNER (working title). We worked on it for two weeks and have some exciting ideas, scenes and puppets and are very keen to continue working. The show will be on next year so we have a couple more development times locked away.

In August we premiered ALL THAT GLITTERS at The Blue Room Theatre. The show was created by Chris Isaacs, Gita Bezard, Jeffrey Jay Fowler, Adriane Daff and I, with a brilliant design team of Joe Lui and Tessa Darcy and the delightful Liz Newell stage managing. The show enjoyed a sell out season.

In September I toured with MINNIE AND MONA PLAY DEAD to the Brisbane Festival (Theatre Republic season) and Melbourne Fringe. The show got a great response critically and from audiences.

Phew. It’s been a busy year so far! I will endeavour to update more regularly whenever i am working on something.