It’s Dark Outside – Puppet

Tim and I have been attempting to make a puppet for It’s Dark Outside. Tim is making the head and i am using my very basic sewing skills to try and sew together a very simple body. The hardest part is finding a way to make the joints (knees, elbows, shoulders, hips) move in a realistic way (i.e. no backwards knees).

Just using Calico at the moment (thanks to Textile Traders for the material and the stuffing!) and just attaching the body parts together with safety pins until we can test it properly, and then i will sew it.

This is what it looks like in it’s current state. We also had out housemates (Gita Bezard and Alissa Jane Claessons) help us out by making some clay hands and shoes which we were going to try and cast. They are super cute…

Next post i will show you how the head is shaping up. It looks pretty rad.

News: February Creative Development – It’s Dark Outside

Hey website,

Just thought i would update you on what i have been up to!

Tim Watts and I recently completed a 10 day development on our new work, It’s Dark Outside (29th June-14th July at the State Theatre Centre, buy tickets here). We had some lovely rehearsal space at PICA in their performance space (thanks Perth Theatre Company) so that we could play around with some of the ideas we have and try a whole bunch of things out, including images, design elements and, of course, gadgets (with a little help from Anthony Watts, our local MacGyver). The creative development culminated in a showing, from which we received a lot of useful feedback (for our next development in April)

Here are some pictures taken of some of the things we tried out!