Duck, Duck, Goose!



Heather is waiting to be chosen.

Lucy wants to fly south for the winter.

Mitchell loves his goose Tina a little too much.

Lucy has a burning desire to lose her virginity. But Heather, Lucy’s housemate and best friend since school, may be harbouring alternate designs on the future direction of their friendship. While Mitchell, your typical kicked-out-of-home “life impaired” fellow with a questionable level of love for his goose, may be the guy to satisfy Lucy’s quest.

Feathers will fly as Heather, Lucy and Mitchell collide in an explosion of loneliness, heartbreak and reinvention. Mixing physical comedy with epic storytelling, on a stage strewn with feathers, eggs and chicken wire; Duck, Duck, Goose! is a heartfelt comedy exploring nesting and the unsettling feelings that come from settling down.


“It’s clear that this new generation of theatre producers is highly attuned to the challenges of capturing the capricious attention of today’s media-saturated audience. By blending art forms, while simultaneously tackling universal themes, Duck, Duck, Goose! provides a stimulating and affecting theatre experience. This is multi-arts with heart.” -Varnya Bromilow, The West Australian

“Three well thought out characters.
Plenty of laughs from the script filled with insane similes. The applause lasted long after the actors left the stage.” – Gordon Johnston, Theatre Australia


Written and Directed by Jeffrey Jay Fowler

devised/performed by Arielle Gray, Sarah Reuben and Tim Watts

produced by Arielle Gray and Tim Watts

Lighting Design by Chris Donnelly

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