Pool [No Water]

Presented by Black Swan State Theatre Company

Written by Mark Ravenhill, Directed by Adam Mitchell



Sally, a famous artist, invites her old friends to luxuriate by her new pool. They have struggled to make a living from the art world, while she has achieved international success. They are all back together once again and the party is in full swing. A horrific accident occurs to the hostess and pushes the group to make a bold decision. Could Sally lying in a coma become their greatest work of all? Is this their one chance for success?

Inspired by a true story, this shocking new play by British playwright Mark Ravenhill (author of Shopping and F**king) exposes professional rivalry, jealousies and the innermost thoughts nobody wants to confess.


“Director Adam Mitchell elicits consistently strong performances from his young cast as they play out this captivating yet unsettling story… A terrific ensemble performance, highly recommended. ” –  Mark Coughlan, The Australian

“The cast work beautifully together, choreographed in dance-like precision.” – Ali Talbut, The West Australian

Australian Stage


Written by Mark Ravenhill

Directed by Adam Mitchell

Cast: Arielle Gray, Natalie Holmwood, Jacinta John, Kaz Sas, Will O’Mahoney

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