The Love Pirate

presented by Weeping Spoon Productions



The Love Pirate is an extravagant epic adventure about infidelity and eroticism, fusing animation, puppetry and trash romance novels in a visual sound-scape of stars, smoke and bubbles.

Alone for 20 years on the high seas, the The Love Pirate has built an empire with nothing but his own arrogance. Until, off in the distance there appeared land, inhabited by a woman the very concept of which aroused his intent to arrive, plunder and conquer. Never did he imagine that their lives would soon be hopelessly entangled, their hearts forever enmeshed, their heated bodies exquisitely entwined.


Created by Arielle Gray, Tim Watts, Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd and Shane Adamczak

Directed by Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd

Performed by Tim Watts, Arielle Gray and Shane Adamczak

Design assistance by Nat Holmwood

Assistant Director and Puppetry Design by Michelle Anderson

Sound Design / composition by Jeffrey Jay Fowler

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